Anti-Shock Insoles - Men Size 11
Anti-Shock Insoles - Men Size 11 Title

Anti-Shock Insoles - Men Size 11 -

Mens’ Anti-Shock Insoles increase impact resistance, relieve and cushion arch discomfort, and are shaped for optimum comfort and relief.

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Foot Foundation Anti-Shock Insoles provide foot comfort and arch cushioning, absorb impact and reduce overload of the foot during movement and sports activities. The insole provides moisture control and eliminates odour (anti-bacterial). Anti-Shock Insoles may help to reduce inner knee pain especially if associated with excessive pronation or “rolling in of feet”. If needed, they can be customized by adding the Foot Foundation Heel Wedge to provide more control, and to reduce impact and excessive pronation. They are safe for diabetics to use. Anti-Shock Insoles are made with vulcanized latex anti-impact foam with activated carbon and an anti-bacterial cotton top. Designed for sports, casual and work footwear. Directions: Insert into shoe cotton side up. For a perfect fit separate the insoles and trim to size by cutting along the toe section. For optimum comfort do not cut too small. Remove old insole before replacing with new one. Insole should be removed every 4-6 months for hygienic purposes.